What are the lessons I've learned?

Though I share 14 profound life and business lessons I've learned on my journey through pain, loss and abuse to successful entrepreneur; these are my top 6:

Lesson 1

The “right thing” may not be the “best thing”

Lesson 2

Forgive yourself things learned in hindsight

Lesson 3

Never assume the worst won’t happen to you

Lesson 4

Catastrophy can snap you out of a hopeless situation

Lesson 5

Have the courage to get back in the car

Lesson 6

It is OK to be yourself in business

What readers are saying

Sam’s writing is truly superb. She has a way of making a really horrible situation so understandable.

I would encourage anyone that has ever been involved in or tried to help others in domestic abuse to read this. I would encourage anyone who believes they can’t achieve something to read this. I would encourage anyone who has trouble with self-belief to read this.

I encourage YOU to read this, the insight you will gain from such a frank explanation of Sam’s life will help you understand how easily an amazing and intelligent person can believe they can never get away will just floor you.

Paul N.

I started reading with some trepidation not knowing what I was expecting. What I discovered is a well-written book that takes us through some very tough times in the author’s life but It did not wallow in self-pity. I came away with great respect for her courage and determination not to let the bad dominate her life.

I would recommend it for anyone going through a difficult time as it shows that you can overcome nearly anything. You are stronger than you thought.

Marion W.

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Sam Pearce


Originally born in the UK, Sam Pearce grew up in Toronto Canada where she developed a fascination with art and design by leafing through the album covers of her father’s vinyl collection. Despite other passions for music, flying and animals coming and going, the love of design has never gone away.

A fortuitous chain of events saw Sam starting to apply her passion for typography and layout to the art of books in 2012. Several years later another seemingly random event introduced her to the world of self-publishing and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Sam has been involved in the design and publication of over 90 books encompassing a wide range of genres, from business guides and self-help books to children’s stories and fantasy fiction. Many books Sam has been involved in have gone onto be nominated and win prestigious awards in their categories as well as topping Amazon bestseller lists.

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